Our firm has provided local accounting services to Ketchikan, Alaska and the surrounding communities for over 65 years.  We provide a variety of services including: tax preparation and planning, attestation, payroll, estate planning and other business advisory services.

We have technology in place to serve many of you without the need to come to our office. We encourage you to consider if they might work for you. 

Secure File Transfer

We have the ability to send and receive files using a secure file transfer portal, known as ShareFile. This option eliminates the need to mail or hand deliver sensitive documents, while providing far more security than offered by email.  Call or email our office to inquire about having a secure portal created for you, or visit our file drop site at http://1953tax.sharefile.com/filedrop.  From there you can select the staff member you wish to receive your documents.

Right Signature

In addition, some documents can be signed digitally via Right Signature. This tool allows you to electronically sign documents without needing to print, sign and scan it back to us. It also automatically notifies us when you’ve completed signing the documents so we can keep the process moving forward.

We assure you that our commitment to you and to our communities remains strong and focused and we will continue to serve you to the best of our abilities. Please give us a call or email if you have any questions or need assistance with any of our online tools.